Following collaboration and contract approval, Extanto Technology sets in motion the actual processes needed to reach a client’s objective.

During this phase, our experts translate the high-level review of project goals into statements of work that establish a set of milestones, deliverables, and deadlines. We assemble teams of vetted programmers, graphic designers, or subject matter experts with the know-how needed to execute a project’s technical requirements. We establish a communication strategy with the client, including a touchpoint for managing information flow, and oversee specific needs for high-touch client relationships.

Extanto’s QA/QC teams use proven testing methods to ensure both reliable and accurate end user experiences on multiple platforms. Our Quality Assurance (QA) black box testing continuously probes a site’s features and groups of features in tandem with our functionality reviews, which follow a standard process of bug tracking, bug fixing, and regression. Our expert Quality Control (QC) teams scrutinize a product’s specific content—e.g. quiz answers and rejoinders, mathematical and chemical formulas, image rendering for complex molecules—and alert QA teams of any technical issues that may arise.

For Web Projects, our development teams turn Marketing plans into reality by separating requirements and design into tools and functionality. Using Drupal, WordPress, or other well-established web technologies, we design robust back-end functions and attractive front-end user interfaces to suit the diverse needs of customers and website administrators. By uploading your site to the Internet without making it publicly available, we intensively test the performance of a “live” site before its final deployment.

A spirit of Collaboration continues in this phase. Our clients provide content, software licensing, access to existing sites, timely reviews and approvals, and other items necessary for completion, while we regularly report on team progress to ensure that work is meeting established expectations—all to prepare for Launch.

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