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With the thorough understanding that comes from close to two decades working with the nation's top publishers, we have substantial insight into content focused development, auditing and engineering as well as linguistic analysis. Solidify engagement across your learning environments  so that educators and students can expect the same quality of material, performance and functionality, as well as a consistent voice that yields a uniform exemplary experience across your entire curriculum or catalogue. 

More than ever, rapidly changing political environments motivate school districts and publishers alike to proactively address opportunities and issues of increasingly diverse student populations. To help you meet these challenges, we perform linguistic analyses on your curriculum calibrated by national benchmarks for diversity, equity and inclusion. For more information, please contact us.



We begin by discovering where you are now and what you want to accomplish next.



We review your content with your requirements, rendering precise, detailed, actionable results. 

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What we do

DEI Content Auditing and Linguistic Analysis. Content Accuracy Checking.  Platform Testing and Engineering.
We perform content audits and linguistic analyses for language pertaining to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion according to the latest DEI standards and best practices.  We focus on intersections of difference such as race, bias, gender, ability, socio-economic status, national origin, etc. We render our findings for the client in precise, everyday language that can then be used to make informed determinations about the material.
We perform QC/QA of Mathematics and Hard Science online content and testing platforms for higher education textbook publishers like you.  With you, we develop a Test Plan Matrix to make certain that the functionality and content that you want tested are thoroughly examined so that you can launch your project with confidence.  We field US-based subject matter experts to review content and platform functionality, reporting back to you a detailed analysis of our findings. We assemble SME teams with current, relevant academic expertise, as well as a deep understanding of testing materials and their value to the professors and institutions adopting your titles. 
This translates to more adoptions.  Our exacting attention to the detailed materials on your LMS allows your sales force to drive adoptions with confidence; confidence in knowing the material you are presenting has had the best and most qualified people review, test, and correct it. We have the record to back this up: out of well over a million takes in 2016, there were only five issues found. In other words, that’s a 99.999995 success rate.

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Program of Services

Diversity Equity & Inclusion Content Audit and Linguistic Analysis

K-12 school districts around the country are looking for help as they work with challenges posed by increasingly diverse student bodies. We have developed a program to help address these needs. Our staff has created a living rubric with which your materials are evaluated. Our team performs a linguistic analysis of the content of your teaching materials, textbooks and potential adoptions to highlight DEI concerns regarding issues of race, bias, gender, sex, ability, socio-economic status, national origin, etc. Our results are rendered in precise, easily understood language that your district can use to make informed decisions about the materials you are using. To learn more about our K-12 work with school districts, please contact us.

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Extanto has decades of experience working with Publishers as they make decisions around their digital strategies and Learning Management Platforms, from development to deployment and content creation. We know the industry and the demands that the academic environment can put on a digital delivery platform. Let us help you with an unjaundiced eye examine your options and figure out the technology stack that will help to position you for success and to dominate higher education publishing in the coming decades.

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Assessments Authoring

Let Extanto help you find more time in your work week this academic year. We have ten years in higher education hard science content quality control and quality assurance for higher ed textbook publishers. Our teams are domestically sourced hard science SMEs, PhDs and professors with applicable pedagogical experience. In collaboration with you, we will compose sets of high quality, unique test questions that are directly relevant to your class and syllabus and will deliver these questions to you in an easy to use and editable format. Our qualified SMEs will craft the test questions for you so that you can check one more thing off your to-do list. Let us do the writing so that you can do the teaching.

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Quality Assurance & Quality Control

Extanto Technology specializes in QC /QA of mathematics and hard science online content and testing platforms.   We can convert your new content acquisitions to your existing platforms. We have substantial experience working with Computer Adaptive Testing utilizing Item Response Theory for building assessments for GMAT and GRE assessments practice tests and perform both Black box and White box testing at the platform level.

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Content Engineering

Our Content Engineering team is platform agnostic. They care about how the content behaves in your DLE.  They creating authoring guidelines and templates that any content development team can use to create/convert content. They preparing representative content samples in a target markup language that developers may use as example for their code (e.g. XML, MathML, HTML5). They develop and diagram workflows for content from source material conversion to server deployment. They convert source material to desired formats (e.g. from Word to XML). They offer relevant systems feedback from a content tools perspective . They will develop Markup Language schemae (e.g. XML DTD) and incorporate platform features into DTDs.

Extanto. Confidence in the Content.

Content Authoring

Our Authoring and Accuracy Checking teams are comprised of Masters-level SMEs and above, all very close to their academic experience and most with teaching experience so that they are familiar with the pedagogical rigors of course design the classroom.  

Our authoring teams get to work creating and generating items from source material on target platform; integrating Media from source material; organizing titles by building Table of Contents and chapter order from source material reproducing source look, feel, and flow and; generating relevant error specific feedback from source material.

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Labor Contingency

We excel at filling specialized staffing requirements, be they subject matter experts or experienced platform developers, all domestically sourced.  We can serve as a recruiter, helping you fill specific, temporary positions on a per project basis.  We can simply do the recruiting for you, present you with a roster of qualified candidates from which you can chose, and you can take it from there.

Extanto. Quality People Make the Difference.



We have the privilege of providing content engineering, authoring, and accuracy checking services to the country's largest academic publishers. 

How can we help you?

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About Extanto

We offer you experience that you can trust, flexibility that you can work with, and professionalism that you can rely on to deliver what you need.  Collectively, our principals have well over sixty years' experience in Content Authoring, Engineering, QA/QC and Linguistic Analysis. We have a proven track record of hitting deadlines, staying on budget, and having a pro-active approach to client relations. We enjoy building long-term relationships with our clients; at least seventy-five percent of our business has been with repeat clients. Find out what keeps them coming back.

Avinnash Tiwari: Race and Power in Curricula

Avinnash Tiwari: Race and Power in Curricula

I began my higher-ed journey well after high school, and as a non-traditional, first-generation student, that journey wasn’t straightforward or easy. However, it wasn’t until I began teaching that I started reflecting on my K-12 education, and how so many of the challenges I faced as both an undergraduate and graduate student weren’t that dissimilar from those K-12 years.

Article: Hire Your SMEs Through Extanto

There are unique benefits to bringing on tested, trained professionals on a temporary basis. Of course there is the flexibility they provide — letting you staff up or down more quickly and cost-effectively. But also consider these additional benefits to you:

Benefits to your organization.

1. Try before you buy. Bringing on contractors temp-to-perm before you hire is a great way to find the right candidate for that fulltime position.

Article: Process & Project Management in Academic Publishing

Gantt chartThe tools of project and process management may look somewhat similar from the outside, but they are used to great effect for different tasks. Project management is excellent for building a product for the first time and identifying the unknowns; in fact, that is what project management does best.

Article: DLP - Gap Analysis

Gap Analysis for your Digital Learning Platform

Digital learning platforms: these are the tools that deliver your content to the world.  They are the modern workhorses of academic publishing and are how students and instructors most often interact with your product through text, tests and tutorials. The efficacy of the digital learning platform has a direct effect on the reputation of the publisher and their course materials. Digital platforms have numerous tasks to perform and must do so flawlessly every time or risk alienating one or both sets of clients.  

Article: Testing Content and Platform

You have invested quite a bit of time and treasure into authoring and editing your textbooks, crafting their delivery platforms, and deploying the sales force tasked with pounding the pavement and placing the product.  But you're not done yet.  Avoid the embarrasment of Professors' complaints of issues with online content and with delivery platforms.  Invest in your company's reputation by investing just a little more in the product; have it tested by an outside firm.

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