Web Development

With many do-it-yourself web development applications available, why choose Extanto?

Simple—you have priorities. Success in today’s digital business world requires you to respond quickly to market forces, be smart with spending, get the most out of investments, and reduce risk. Extanto Technology offers innovative, cost-efficient, productive, and secure online solutions that help you focus on your core digital business.

We specialize in the Drupal content management system (CMS). From marketing websites to business workflows, CMSs like Drupal enable users to create, add, modify, and remove content in data-rich online environments without the intervention of a Webmaster.Web Development

Drupal excels at robust backend site performance and cost-effective customization. Thousands of reliable high-performance modules (6000+ in Drupal 7) provide versatile building blocks we use to build your customized site functions, powerful database management tools, company-specific user roles and permissions, and proven security options. Drupal has your features covered—approval workflows, user generated content, spam control, image handling and galleries, social media integration, personalization, and many other functions of effective digital environments. With Drupal at the core, Extanto gives you best-of-breed content management solutions at a value.

Client Snapshot: A Credit Union client asked us to craft a new site that would let them reach out to customers in a less formal manner while simplifying site management. We built a site with blogging capability allowing numerous authors to contribute while giving the site editor granular control of publication, site workflow, and tiered backend user permissions. 

Drupal is more than the sum of its features. Unlike proprietary CMS platforms, Drupal is free and open source software at scale: widely adopted, successful, and backed by a community of tens of thousands of professionals around the world. Businesses, governments, and organizations of every size have used it successfully for websites, applications, and every kind of digital business activity. As Drupal web developers, Extanto covers everything from security and support to site building, design, hosting, scalability, and more.

Client Snapshot: A client who manufactures frozen confections has grown from local favorite to nationally recognized brand with distribution in four countries. We built a site for them that grew as their business needs grew from simple brochure site telling the unique story of the brand to a sophisticated brand management platform giving them to access real-time information gathered product demonstrations held around the country. We built a store locator based on the client's distribution database which helped their fans locate stores that carry their favorite flavor.

We can overhaul your existing online presence as well. Our versatile in-house developers possess extensive experience in OSCommerce, WordPress, and many standard web technologies (HTML, XHTML, Java, and PHP). Our experts have created and worked on e-commerce sites, online learning systems, XML data integration, content management sites, and large-scale client-server applications.

Client Snapshot: We were approached by a client in desperate straits. Short on resources and time, they needed help integrating two unrelated platforms. We built a bridge blending a massive, fully searchable database integration of tens of thousands of articles while enabling a seamless experience for thousands of end users.

Whatever your web development needs, Extanto has your solution. We discover where you are now through in-depth collaboration, develop the online presence you need for what you want to accomplish next, and ensure a quality product at launch.

Contact us –  we want to learn about your project.