Quality Assurance / Quality Control

Quality testing of software and online content does more than execute a program with the intent of finding bugs. To achieve best results, you need an objective team of independent investigators to certify that a product meets design standards. QA

Extanto Technology offers comprehensive QA and QC testing of CMS / LMS platforms to ensure that your product performs as expected. Quality Assurance (QA) testing scrutinizes a product’s technical performance, while Quality Control (QC) testing verifies its informational content.

In QA testing our development team validates that software works as expected, satisfies requirements established in its initial design & development phase, and can meet the needs of the end user who may utiliize any one of a variety of devices to interact with the platform. We follow quality assurance best practices involving a documented QA methodology, risk assessments, stakeholder interviews, test matrix design, root cause analysis, and more. We offer careful automation test strategies to eliminate many errors that may occur in content digitization and conversion of file formats. And we examine user experience for awkward, missing, inoperable, or malfunctioning items as well as for platform security, scalability, and load testing.

In QC testing our teams of subject matter experts, recruited from many top research institutions in the US and Canada, verify the accuracy of online content such as exam response options, topic appropriateness, and grade level. For example, with testing parameters developed in collaboration with clients, our experts might confirm that algorithms used in exam problems are producing correct responses, or that feedback on an exam answer meets the tutorial needs of students. We probe content functions to inform stakeholders of concerns with audio and video, navigations and traversals, table of contents/glossary, overall formatting and display, external database integrations, external links within content, and more—all to ensure your launch of a quality product.

True quality assurance requires fresh perspectives to see errors and omissions that may not be readily visible. For your best results, we recommend independent QA and QC testing by the experts in online content management -Extanto.

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