Web Marketing

As a brand ambassador, an effective website tells your company’s story, creates higher visibility, and provides important information to your prospects. But your web presence can be more than a calling card—it can provide brand enhancement through customized interactive features designed to convert users into clients and contacts into sales.

Extanto Technology knows how to convert message to brand. We help companies fine-tune their brand message and tastefully represent it across multiple media consistently. We understand the relationship of brand to market, and of market to sales. Our web developers and marketing professionals provide a complete suite of services—from web development and search engine optimization (SEO) to brand design and market management strategies.

Client Snapshot: Extanto worked closely with a frozen confections manufacturer as they grew from a regional specialty to a national brand. Without an in-house brand manager, their brand management evolved as collaboration between our two companies. We helped them to focus sometimes competing brand ideas into one coherent, consistent message and to convey that message to their audience across the spectrum of their brand.

Extanto understands that effective website development is a collaborative process. Our experienced consulting professionals brainstorm with clients to develop a brand’s visual language, fine-tune marketing strategies, and create an effective plan to execute those strategies. By bringing in all stakeholders, we also uncover company workflows that affect a site’s administrative needs and functions that may not be readily apparent to marketing and design teams.

Client Snapshot: Extanto developed a new Drupal site for a large regional financial institution with multiple departments—each with an important mission, but each seemingly competing for the same bit of daylight. Given the high noise-to-signal ratio, we consulted with each of the internal departments that would be represented to clarify both technical and brand-specific recommendations. Our final plan distilled an actionable strategy that focused on the consistent expression of the brand while giving each department equitable representation.

As a full service web development company, we can be of assistance not only with robust online content management but also with branding and marketing, with helping you make sense of and improve your metrics, with creating operating efficiencies within social media management, with public relations, with PR incident response and risk mitigation, and especially with burnishing your web presence, which is often your most effective brand ambassador.

Client Snapshot: Extanto provided extensive marketing consultation for a medical association that was having difficulty clarifying their vision, and subsequently, the purpose of their Web presence. We helped them focus by asking questions designed to have them elucidate their vision and to think through how they were going to use their new site. We listened to what they said, how they said it, and to whom they want to say it. Working together, we identified the heart of the message around which the association’s brand was eventually built for their envisioned audiences.

Whatever your web marketing needs, Extanto has your solution. We discover where you are now through in-depth collaboration, develop the marketing strategies you need for what you want to accomplish next, and ensure a quality product at launch.

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