Extanto GSA-Approved Contractor

Extanto is now approved through the General Services Administration to work with US federal agencies and companies that contract with the federal government. We perform linguistic analyses for language pertaining to diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) according to the latest DEI standards and best practices.Group of Professionals We have developed an analysis process which derives its standards from a number of academic and professional sources such as the APA and UNHRC. We began this as an outgrowth of our work with higher education textbook publishers and academics. We were asked by a client of ours several years ago to review a textbook of theirs for issues pertaining to DEI.Group of Professionals 2 We soon found that quite a few of our clients had the same need. Our linguistic analysis process grew out of these interactions with several of the top domestic academic publishing houses and US school districts. Each of our analysts has an extensive academic background in higher education and themselves come from underrepresented communities. We believe that students who see themselves in the lesson are more likely to be engaged in that lesson and engaged students yield successful students. We also believe that the same is true of adults. Employers, both public and private, are working very hard to create a welcoming, inclusive environment, a community that values the contributions of all. With our GSA approval, we are looking forwarding to working with federal agencies and the companies that work with them.