While collaboration and development anticipate how a software product or website will perform, at launch our teams ensure a quality product that operates smoothly and as expected for stakeholders and end users. Final steps for Web Development or QA/QC projects often include regression testing, hosting services, site compression, and verification of public access.Launch your Product with Confidence

But launch means more than going “live.” It also means maintaining product viability through user feedback and progressing technology.

Contrary to popular folklore, no “silver bullet” development solution will resolve one hundred percent of potential user problems. Because user behaviors test the best intentions of any development team, launch may present new opportunities for innovation.

Our teams keep detailed records of all project phases, ensuring that when unforeseen issues surface, we can quickly and efficiently diagnose problems and recommend solutions. We collaborate with clients to analyze any unanticipated weaknesses in a system and develop creative solutions. Because technology is always changing, Extanto also offers ongoing support for your public-facing product with site maintenance such as security updates, platform upgrades, and migration services.

Collaborate, develop, and launch—these cyclical processes define the lifecycle of any website or software product. At Extanto Technology, our goal-oriented development process and experienced leadership ensure a quality product, smooth performance, and positive user experience.

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