Quality Assurance & Quality Control

Extanto Technology specializes in QC /QA of Mathematics and Hard Science online content and testing platforms.   We can convert your new content acquisitions to your existing platforms. We have substantial experience working with Computer Adaptive Testing utilizing Item Response Theory for building assessments for GMAT and GRE assessments practice tests and perform both Black box and White box testing at the platform level.  

Extanto. Launch With Confidence.

Labor Contingency

We excel at filling specialized staffing requirements, be they subject matter experts or experienced platform developers, all domestically sourced.  We can serve as a "temp" agency," helping you fill specific, temporary positions on a per project basis.  We can simply do the recruiting for you, present you with a roster of qualified candidates from which you can chose, and you can take it from there.

Extanto. Quality People Make the Difference.


Extanto has decades of experience working with Publishers as they make decisions around their digital strategies and Learning Management Platforms, from development to deployment and content creation. We know the industry and the demands that the academic environment can put on a digital delivery platform. Let us help you with an unjaundiced eye examine your options and figure out the technology stack that will help to position you for success and to dominate higher education publishing in the coming decades.

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Web Marketing

We want you to make your finest first impression.

Your digital touch points are your brand ambassadors and how your customers interact with you. They are your windows to the world and how the world reaches you.

They must be a uniform experiences that effectively communicate your message and seamlessly completes that transaction.  Each time your customer reaches out to you, your site and your app must be there, up and running, error free, as reliable as the sunrise.

Extanto. Scale for Success

Web / Application Development

We want you to launch your web presence or your app with the confidence that it will show you at your best. Extanto Technology is a full service software development house.  From initial planning, through code execution and product release, to organizations and end users of various platforms, we work with clients who are considering developing new products or applications.  

Our dedicated product development practices provide market and product functional and non-functional requirements, information architecture, user interface design and code development. We deliver all aspects of product development and can build all the way from bare metal to the final product.

Extanto. The Art of the Technical.